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Introducing the QC-1 crypto heater.

by Clément - March 12, 2018 - Company Updates
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Qarnot is happy to present the newest member of its family, the first crypto-heater, the QC-1. What is a crypto-heater one may ask ? Nothing less than a heating system that also doubles as a cryptocurrency generator.

Why this product and why Qarnot ?

No matter what you think of it, blockchain is THE major technology everyone has been talking about for the last couple of years. In early March 2018, the total market capitalisation for all cryptocurrencies taken together, was over 445B$. 22% of French youngsters rather invest in bitcoins than in the real estate market.
If the investing/buying aspect of cryptocurrencies is under the limelight, the process through which these cryptocurrencies are created, called mining, is not as well-known.
Mining refers to the resolution of complex calculations to validate a transaction within a chain of blocks. The more complex theses calculations are, the more energy they require. The most famous example of mining is Bitcoin mining. However today, these operations consume a growing amount of energy. As an example, in 2017, Bitcoin mining required as much electricity as a country like Greece.

This mining process contributed to the decentralization of transaction registry. However today, the computing power required is so important, the risk of concentration in the hands of a single person or company may be increasing. Numerous projects have emerged to reinforce the decentralization of blockchain-based technologies.

The environmental impact of cryptocurrencies and the decentralization of the blockchain are a crucial issues for the industry. As a green and disruptive company with a distributed infrastructure, it made sense for Qarnot to address these challenges, and thus was born the QC-1, the first crypto-heater.

Since its creation, Qarnot has received many requests from individuals to install a Q.rad (QH-1), Qarnot’s historical heater, in their own personal livings rooms. With the QC-1, we are finally able to address these demands and to add a B2C approach to our traditional B2B model.

What is the QC-1 crypto heater ?

Qarnot developed a crypto-heater QC-1 mining cryptocurrencies to generate heat and (crypto)revenues at the same time. The default configuration is setup for mining the most profitable asset among 3 Ethereum, Zcash and Monero (Ethereum being the most profitable one at the moment). We will push updates to adapt the the evolutions of the markets. And for those who master coding skills, we will provide a GitHub deposit to allow them to access GPUs and allow them to mine something else.

The crypto-heater QC-1 mines cryptocurrencies with 2 AMD graphic processors, SAPPHIRE NITRO+ RADEON RX 580 8G. During the launch conference organized by Qarnot on March 8th, Eric Jeanmougin, EMEA Sales Director and president of AMD France, said “The fast pace of innovation at AMD makes Radeon GPUs the perfect choice for Qarnot as they begin to offer new alternatives in the way we think about the next generation of housing.”

The QC-1, just like the Q.rad (or QH-1), is absolutely noiseless, because it does not integrate any fan or hard drive. Like the Q.rad, its high-end design is made of anodized aluminium and wood. A mobile app allows users to set up and personalize the QC-1 once connected to electricity and to an internet box.

What’s in it for me ?

As you understood, the QC-1 is the first heater that generates revenue for its users !

With a mining power of 60MH/s, the heater will allow its users to generate an estimated revenue of 100€ per month (rate on the 5th of March 2018). That’s a 1200€ in revenue each year all while heating your house. Heating becomes a source of revenue instead of an expense !

Our crypto-heater was designed in a Plug-and-Mine approach. You only need to plug it, connect it with an Internet cable and create an offline wallet (if you don’t already have one) and it’s ready to mine ! The QC-1 is 2 900€ (3 600$) and of course, you can pay in Bitcoins.
Instead of simply paying to heat your house invest in a QC-1 and make money out of it !

Is the QC-1 for me ?

Our product excludes the two big disadvantages of a classical crypto miner : a very poor design, and undesirable noise. It is really different from a traditional heater, because it will generate revenues instead of expenses.
The heat generated comes from integrated GPUs that will be able to mine Ether in a first time but also other cryptocurrencies in the near future, or even be used for other kinds of blockchain applications! The idea here is really to take advantage of the heat generated by these computations to make it profitable to someone, instead of having electric heating (meaning : using electricity for nothing else than heating) and in some mining farm, electricity used at 100% for a mining usage…
If you don’t want to set up a noisy and ugly handwork mining rig in your living room, but instead an elegant and noiseless heater, and you believe that crypto-currencies, along with blockchain in general, are a promising technology, you will be seduced by the Qarnot approach!
So whether you are a tech addict, a green miner or simply crypto-curious, why not join the adventure?

Where do you ship ?

As of today we ship to the EU. We are working on opening new geographies and in priority the USA and Canada. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the updates on these new geographic openings.


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