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Qarnot enters 2 "Métropole du Grand Paris" projects

November 10, 2017 - Company Updates

Terrains Bizet, winning project for "Imaginons la Métropole du Grand Paris" in the city of Villejuif / City of Villejuif

The "Grand Paris", biggest architecture and town planning call for projects in Europe (€7bn private investments in 112 different locations, 7 years of execution), released a selection of 51 projects on October 18th. Qarnot is proud to take part in 2 of them ! In these projects, Qarnot will deploy Q.rads, computing heaters using micro-processors as a heat source, to deliver free and green heat. The residents will also benefit from smart services such as wifi, intrusion detection or air quality monitoring, together with remote control of their heating and other connected systems. Qarnot's powerful energy monitoring platform is also meant to engage residents in environmentally-responsible habits, and to accompany owners and operators throughout the life of their buildings.

Saint-Denis : the "Lights of Pleyel"

In Saint-Denis, Qarnot technologies will be included in the tertiary program The Lights of Pleyel, won by real estate developer Sogelym Dixence. There, residential buildings, offices, hotels and student residences will surround the most iconic train station of the Grand Paris, close to the future Olympic Village. The total surface of the project represents 176 000 sqm. Read more about the Saint-Denis project and all the partners (in French) here.

Villejuif : "Terrains Bizet"

In Villejuif, at the Terrains Bizet, Qarnot will heat the social housing part of a project of 180 appartments won by real estate developer Pichet. Developed in collaboration with the city of Paris and "Paris Metropole", this project has always been driven by shared values of high environmental quality ("HQE" label), positive energy, but also environmental and social innovation. Read more about and the Villejuif project (in French) here.

Want to know more ?

These projects will be delivered around 2020. See here for more info about the Grand Paris. Discover the Q.rad, the first computing heater and the Qarnot Smart Building approach.