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Energy transition: the audiovisual sector is taking action

November 3, 2021 - Testimony

After more than 8 years at the Ile-de-France Film Commission and at Ecoprod, Joanna Gallardo is in charge of institutional and ecosystem relations at Film Paris Region (new entity of the Film Commission). She shared with us its global vision for this year 2021, marked by the commitment of the entire industry in terms of energy transition.

In terms ecology, 2021 seems to be the year when the audiovisual industry as a whole moves from awareness to action. Do you share this observation?

There were already professionals who had taken action before, the Ecoprod project existing for 12 years. The Paris COP 21 had awakened consciousness and more and more wanted to take concrete action. In 2017, the Ile-de-France Region launched an ecobonus as part of its Cinema and Audiovisual Support Fund. What is true in 2021 is that things are accelerating because the entire industry as a whole wants to take action. The “Action! For a public policy of ecological and energy transition in the cinema, audiovisual and moving image sectors ”of the CNC is the high point.

How does Film Paris Region support companies in this transition?

We have been founding members of Ecoprod since 2009. We have carried out numerous awareness-raising actions, in particular during the Paris Images Production Forum and promoted companies which have signed the Ecoprod Charter. Since 2017, we have been working with other European regions to pursue expertise on the sector's eco-responsibility thanks to the Green Screen project. In this context, we have identified 25 technological innovations across Europe to support companies in their transition, including the Qarnot Computing solution. Through the Circul'Art 2 project, led by Film Paris Region, we are working with studios, set providers, professional associations and communities in order to accelerate the implementation of the circular economy within the processes manufacturing, at a time when the availability of raw materials is felt. Finally, we have just launched an online business directory: the Resource Guide. One category offers service providers directly linked to eco-responsibility. The mention "Ecoprod" is specified when these companies have adhered to the Charter.

In your opinion, how is France positioned on these subjects? Are we rather a precursor or lagging behind initiatives in other countries?

We were quite early, while taking inspiration from the United States and the United Kingdom. Countries like Germany, Belgium, Italy and Sweden are accelerating their implementation of tools and systems. And that's good. The European Union is currently working on the subject, as well as a United Nations coordination!