Clément Pellegrini

Building a new financial simulation platform for Societe Generale with Qarnot and Azure's Service Fabric

November 10, 2017 - Testimony, Finance

Photo by / Tim Evans

We'd like to share with you a great collaboration we had with Société Générale and Microsoft Azure, which was well described by the Azure Service Fabric on their blog : We built a brand new financial simulation platform for the leading French Bank. Societe Generale and Qarnot designed a solution that: - Exposes a simple REST API to client applications within Societe Generale. - Handles calculation jobs ranging from a few tasks to several thousands (from seconds to hours). - Provides caching of financial data for efficient dispatching of tasks. - Scales with the number of jobs and tasks. - Is available around the clock.

Read the full blog post...

The full blog post provides an overview of the key features of the solution we designed, together with the context and constraints shaping it. ...Read the full post on Azure Service Fabric Team Blog : Service Fabric Customer Profile: Societe Generale and Qarnot Computing or on this pdf.

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